Historic Grand Prix Monaco


MONACO 08 – 10 MAY 2020

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In May 2020 we will see the Monaco Historic Grand Prix race weekend take place for the 12th time since the start in 1997.  This grand event commemorates the golden age of motor racing on the streets of Monte Carlo, with an aw-inspiring amount of rare and unique race cars from the pre-war series up until race cars form the 1970. Over 180 cars will participate in the event and each car will be carefully selected based on their historical value and their degree of authenticity. 

Come and experience first hand  when some of the finest and most priceless cars fill the Formula 1 track and compete against each other in a full-on, glamorous and exciting weekend.

During three days (Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 May 2020) some of the world’s most precious and amazing race cars will compete in 7 different categories ranging from pre war voiturettes and Grand Prix cars to Formula 1 Grand Prix cars from 1977 to 1980 inclusive.  All cars racing in the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco have participated in International races and the participants are selected with utmost care and according to strict regulations.

We offer customized packages for your business invitations, corporate incentives or tickets for individual packages to get the most out of this great event.

The Historic Lounge

We invite you to take part in this fun and adrenaline-filled event right in the heart of the action. Our VIP Historic Lounge is held on the top floor of the  the world renowned LA RASCASSE, situated right on the race track and just in front of the Paddock exit which means unprecedented close up views of the cars and drivers as well as front row seats to enjoy the action below. Possibilities of Paddock area visits throughout the weekend at selected times.

Private Hospitality

Interested in a private venue to entertain your family and friends? We have the perfect venues for you! Contact us for more information.

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